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  • Lee Vinsel

    Lee Vinsel

    I do technology studies, co-organize @The_Maintainers, and profess Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Tech.

  • Niki Agrawal

    Niki Agrawal

    I look Indian, sound American, lived in Europe. "Travel far enough, you meet yourself." More on Insta @goodbad_ux. MBA @wharton, ex-PM @bumble @hellofresh

  • Cristiano Rastelli

    Cristiano Rastelli

    Design System Lead at HashiCorp. In love with Atomic Design, Design Systems & CSS architecture. Attendee/speaker/organiser of tech conferences and meetups.

  • Nathan Curtis

    Nathan Curtis

    Founded UX firm @eightshapes, contributing to the design systems field through consulting and workshops. VT & @uchicago grad.

  • Guilherme Gonzalez

    Guilherme Gonzalez

    DesignOps | Love food, beer, rock music and always looks for great experiences

  • Ana Luisa Figueiredo

    Ana Luisa Figueiredo

    Graphic Designer from Rio. Writings are mostly about graphic design and creativity.

  • Bella Stefani

    Bella Stefani

  • Plum Guide

    Plum Guide

    Stay in the world’s best homes. We select the top 1,000 homes in the world’s most exciting cities.

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